We make a diverse impact across a variety of SDGs

Alliance for Peacebuilding

Alliance for Peacebuilding (AfP) is a nonpartisan network of over 140+ organizations in 181 countries working to end violent conflict and promote sustainable peace.

DSSD constructed an interactive map on the AfP website that visualizes members' operating countries. Currently, DSSD is developing an online platform to visualize AfP's Eirene Peacebuilding Database.

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One Renewable

One Renewable Energy Enterprise is a renewable energy integrator based in Manila, Philippines.

DSSD constructed a story map illistruating the importance of renewable small-medium enterprises

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The Global Registry of Violent Deaths (GReVD)

GReVD is a extremely granular database of violent deaths across the world coded by time and location.

DSSD created static map visualizations showing uncertainty in violent death reporting that were presented at the July 2021 United Nations High-level Political Forum on Sustainable Development. Currently, DSSD continues to work with GReVD to create map visualizations.

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Colorado Food and Farm Alliance

Colorado Food and Farm Alliance (COFFA) is an organization based out of Colorado which is dedicated to building sustainable food systems and combat climate change through their conservation efforts.

DSSD collaborated with COFFA on a large scale project analyzing the climate emergency in the Gunnison River Basin. Our analysts provided a variety of GIS visualizations and analyses to COFFA in this project.

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Rare is an international organization dedicated to combating climate change and promoting conservation.

DSSD provided database advisory services and helped modernize their existing infrastructure as well as easily migrate to a platform provided by another partner.

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Ayiti Analytics

Ayiti Analytics is a research center dedicated to providing education in data science based in Haiti.

DSSD assisted in acquiring data science and computer science speakers for their data science bootcamp to introduce students on potential data science careers.

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Greenpeace-Philippines, Break Free From Plastic (BFFP)

Greenpeace-Philippines and Break Free From Plastic (BFFP) are working on a project reducing plastic waste.

DSSD constructed an interactive map on the plastic collection locations across the Philippines

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Integrative Institute for Conservation

The Integrative Institute for Conservation is a research institute based out of Williamsburg, Virginia USA.

DSSD collaborated with the IIC to conduct research on modeling plastic detection and deforestation using satellite imagery.

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The Junior Philippine Geographical Society

The Junior Philippine Geographical Society - University of the Philippines Diliman is a student ran club based out of Manila, Philippines. DSSD provided Python trainings for their junior members.

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Joint Learning Initiative (JLI), Berkley Center, World Faiths Development Dialogue (WFDD)

Under the International Partnership on Religion and Sustainable Development, the Berkley Center, JLI, and WFDD have created a database relating to religious responses to the COVID-19 epidemic.

DSSD provided database advisory services and helped coordinate the construction of the platform .

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The Project on International Peace and Security (PIPS)

PIPS is an undergraduate think tank at William & Mary that identifies and provides original policy recommendations for emerging international security issues.

DSSD created static map visualizations for the policy white papers of 2020-2021 PIPS research fellows.

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James City County

James City County is one of the local government in Virginia USA.

DSSD assisted in data cleaning and the construction of data visualization in a dashboard format

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